Our Mission Statement

We believe in a different approach to mental and physical wellness, sometimes the best solutions can be found in nature. This is what drives our mission to showcase the best of what nature has to offer. We do this by sourcing the highest quality craft hemp flower and pure lab-grade hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes to use in all of our products. The end result is a stunning array of all-natural hemp products designed to unlock the benefits hemp can have in anyone’s life.

Our Commitment to our customers

We are committed to providing premium quality hemp products at the best value possible. We achieve this by following the three p’s, Potency, Purity, and Predictability. We use only high-quality lab-tested hemp and never any cutter or filler agents in any of our products, this ensures that you are always getting the most potent products available.

What makes us different

What sets us apart from the crowd is the innovation and creativity on display in every product we make. Utilizing the cleanest and most potent hemp flower and hemp-derived Cannabinoids, we strive to provide the widest selection of products and flavors available to the CBD market all in one place. All of the products we create are extensively tested to ensure everything we make is clean, potent, and easy to use. Whether you are a smoker, vaper, or tincture taker you will always find something to love in our collection of natural hemp products.

When it comes To CBD, we take pride in knowing that we do sell the highest quality product on the market. 

We were founded with the mission of providing the highest quality, most potent CBD Flower and smokables at a reasonable price to those who need it most.

With attention to detail every step of the way.
New CBD Distributors are popping up by the dozen everyday. Most of these distributors are importing their CBD without testing it, and repackaging it to make a quick buck. Here at Trees of Truth we grow, test, process, and package all of our products. So you can find comfort in knowing that your product is pure and that it was cared for by Master CBD growers and extractors.
If you have any questions are our products, growing methods, etc. feel free to Contact Us
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