HHC Caviar Pre-roll (Sativa)
The Caviar pre-roll is a fan-favorite amongst CBD consumers. Our exclusive CBD Caviars take everything that is convenient about a pre-roll and combines them with all the best qualities a concentrate has to offer. Our hand-made caviars are crafted by...
from $11.99
HHC Sauce Pod (Sativa)
The key to an amazing vape pod is truly in the terpenes. That's why we set out to source only the finest true-to-nature terpene profiles for all of our products. Nothing showcases that more then the sauce pod. A whole...
HHC Moonrocks (Sativa)
The hemp-derived HHC Moon Rock is a specialty here at Trees of Truth. We start by taking our finest quality hemp flower rich in flavor and coat it in a Full-Spectrum CBD oil before rolling it in our own blend of in-house...
from $39.99
HHC Moonrock Blunt (Sativa)
A premium pre-roll experience that is out of this world. We start by taking our in-house organic hemp flower blend then infuse it with pieces of our potent moon rocks. We then hand roll this flavor-packed blend into a slow...
from $14.99
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HHC Sauce (Sativa)
HHC is a revolutionary new hemp-derived cannabinoid. This cannabinoid is known for its potent relaxing body effects with a euphoric uplifting feeling in the mind. Our HHC Sauce is a one-of-a-kind potent concentrate that expertly blends pure HHC Distillate with hand-crafted terpene profiles sourced from high-quality...
HHC Caviar Blunt (Sativa)
The Caviar Blunt is a fan-favorite amongst connoisseurs. Our exclusive Hemp Blunt Caviars take everything that is convenient about a classic rolled blunt and combines them with all the best qualities a concentrate has to offer. Our hand-made blunt caviars...
from $14.99
HHC Canna-Flav Cartridge (Sativa)
What if you took all the fruit flavors you loved and made them bigger and better than they have ever been before? What you would get is the delicious Canna-Flav cartridge. From tart Cherry Pie to sweet Rainbow Zkittlez, enjoy the...
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CBD Pre-roll (Sativa)
This pre-roll is made with the same high quality CBD flower we offer as prepackaged flower. All of our hemp flowers are hand-selected from high-quality varietals, and tested for quality and cannabinoid content. The result is a pure and potent...
from $6.99
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