1:1 CBD:CBG Terp Crystals
Our private reserve Terp-crystals showcase the difference the entourage effect has on your body and mind. Blended and whipped with CBD and CBG isolates then cured into its pure crystalline form this purity blend is everything you need in a...
CBD Shatter
Perfect for those that require a stable and easy to manage smoking experience, our CBD shatter can be broken apart and handled with no extra tools. You can easily throw it in your favorite rolled joint or on top of...
CBD Terp Isolate
A staple In our Purity Series, Terp-isolate is one of the simplest and most effective concentrates we offer. Crafted from 99% pure lab-grade CBD and CBG isolate and blended with pure terpenes, this extremely potent concentrate is the single highest...
CBD Pie Crust
Reminiscent of a warm, fresh-baked pie, our Full-Spectrum CBD Pie Crust is a bold new take on the classic CBD form. This thick and chunky concentrate is paired expertly with our in-house specialty dessert line up. So you can enjoy...
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